My First Post

Welcome, this is my first post about success:


Everyone of us has its own life’s story. Some people are lucky enough to be born in this world with a golden spoon. But there are a lot of individuals who keeps on overcoming life’s circumstances in order to survive. And that includes me.


Unfortunately, my parents were not blessed enough with a material things, especially with money in this world, and so am I. I grew up not having everything I want in life because my parents can only provide the important basic things I need. Actually, it’s hard on my part because I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I got jealous with the material things that my friends have. When I was on my college days, I even experienced to eat twice or even once a day because of not having enough money. Most of the time, during examination days, I went to our Dean’s office in order to submit a promise sorry note. I felt ashamed. Yet, I need to do so for me to take the examination test. What I instill before in my mind was to stay strong in facing life’s challenges. Because of having a strong hope to finish my studies, I was able to graduate with a Bachelor Degree of Tourism and being awarded as one of Dean’s Lister. As I marched going to the stage in order to get my diploma, I can’t help but to cry with a tears of joy falling then shouted “SUCCESS”. My parents were also happy and proud of me. They said that all their sacrifices and hard work are paid off.


My journey in life didn’t end as I graduated. I know it was just a first step towards success. I still worked hard and continue to have my masteral degree because I truly believe that no one can steal the education I have. Now, I am running my own travel agency business.


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