I forced my son into a wrong career – A valuable story!

My name is O’Neil Smith, 46 years old and a father of one. To be honest, I am a believer of clearly stated rules and have a strong sense of justice and of the need for obedience, and my son gave me all that. However, I must admit that I was extremely strict to the extent of not allowing my son go for his adventurous dream career with open eyes. He always wanted to study photography, but I forced him into engineering. I am desperately disappointed with myself for having forced him into a wrong career.

I got him to a prestigious school but his grades were not promising at all, he simply performed poorly. Things got worse when I received his grades for last semester. He was among the four students sidelined on academic probation, so I got very upset because this was close to falling out of school. I think my son couldn’t put up with me yelling at him and mentioning how much a loser he was, so he decided to leave. It is now close to 2 years since I last saw him.

I am consumed by feelings of regret about having forced him into engineering. I feel that this was the biggest mistake I made in my entire life and I should have given him my full support in whichever field he wanted to specialize in. I have nothing to be happy about because I have clearly wasted the last of my son’s youth.

I’ve gotten myself to a stage where I feel extremely ashamed of the whole situation. Everything seems pointless because I made my son run away. I miss him. The feeling of humiliation crowds me whenever I see people I know. All day I constantly pretend that everything is ok hoping that one day my son will return back home so that I can make it up to him