Failures in Life Make Some of the Best Learning Experiences

Failures happen in everyone’s lives at some point. Sometimes life just gets more difficult than we expect, and other times we don’t try as hard of we should. Whatever the reason for the failure; a lesson is sure to follow. Take the time to consider how to improve as you recover from your mistake. A larger majority of mistakes are made during the young adult years. Some of these include educational opportunities.

As I listened to the head of the company make a call to reserve his limo service, I began to think about my position at work. On my budget, the biggest indulgence I could afford was a movie and pizza night at home. The big failure, as I perceived it, was wasting my chance at a college education. There are many different reasons why young students drop out of college. I was one of these young students. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be order a limo, instead of a pizza, if I had listened to my parents about the importance of a college education.

My college career started out well enough. I was an honors student for the first 2 years. Once I went away to live on campus of a large university, however, things changed. All of a sudden, there was no one to tell me what to do and when. I had no curfew and I started to feel unorganized and a bit lost. Like many kids in college, I finally understood how much work my parents actually put into taking care of me.

I managed to achieve passing grades for 2 or 3 more semesters, before I stopped showing up to class and gave up. I had no idea how close I was to my degree at this point. Years later, I found out I only had 6 classes left to receive my bachelor’s degree. It took a lot of effort to convince the university to give me a second chance. I had to write a statement about my past complications, and meet with the dean. I was put on probation until I proved myself with a semester of good grades.

This failure cost me years of working at a low paying job. I had no money in savings and I could barely afford to pay all of my bills. I finally took some time to finish my degree, but I had to complete it while working full time. It was very difficult and I was exhausted for months. I felt like I had really let myself down by not performing to my full potential.

Failures are a normal part of life. The good thing about life is the possibility to change things. Take a look at your past failures and use them to make yourself a better person. You can change things for the better.