I became a Tennis champion at my club

I was a boy of middle class. My family did not have much money. I had to do odd jobs from time to time like carpet cleaning for women with bad back and many others, to get myself some money. My parents could not afford to give me a pocket money. Therefore I did those jobs to keep up with my friends. My father used to spend most of his salary on his afternoon hobby. He used to play Tennis. Much of his income was spent on little parties he used to have after his Tennis matches daily. The broken rackets and lost Tennis ball consumed even more of his income and at the end of the month there used to be no saving. Growing up with him, I had also become a good player of Tennis. My father never cared for me that much and never had my back. This had made had made me subsume obliviousness and cynicism in my personality and everybody around me had started to dislike me. They treated me like I did not even exist. Tennis tournaments were held yearly at the club where me and father played Tennis. I used to participate in them every time they were held but I was used to lose because of the crowd pressure. Since everybody disliked me, they used to Boo me whenever I were playing a tournament match. The first time I had lost a Tennis tournament I was forced to admit that crowd pressure is something substantial. Finally that one time I pledged to myself that I would win the next tournament so I would never have to go back to carpet cleaning. The was a Tennis tournament coming up. I participated in it and played while I had turned my emotions off. I reached the finals, I beat the tough guy and took the cash home. After that everybody saw me differently. They even started respecting me, which I thought was a miracle. That was my first and the never ending success.